The Rules Supply Product

Purchasing and using MilMit products means that you fully agree to the following terms and conditions:

1- Publishing website products on social networks or any misuse of products is prosecuted and severely dealt with.

2- The details of the user’s personal information are registered by MilMit when registering on the website, but will not be given to a third party in any way or will not be used for a purpose unrelated to the purposes of the website.

3- The website is the owner of all intellectual property rights related to the website and the products provided by this website, including their design, writings, graphics, and selection and adjustment.

4- MilMit acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller of the source and at best always tries to facilitate transactions and create mutual satisfaction between both parties, so the buyer and seller agree that in case of any dispute, the primary reference Resolving the dispute is the refereeing team of Mill Mitt. Judging takes place during working hours and days.

In cases where the MilMit Mate arbitration team for reasons including and not limited to technical and non-technical complexities, the possibility of inability to protect the rights of the parties can refuse to conduct arbitration and then all cases must be mutually agreed between the buyer and The seller should not be responsible for resolving the dispute and failing to obtain a satisfactory result after completing his duty, and finally direct the parties to the legal and official judicial authorities so that he can take action to resolve the dispute.
Note:MilMit users acknowledge that in the event of any legal dispute with AndroidSource, the competent dispute resolution authority is the competent authorities located in Tehran, etc., and users are deprived of the right to pursue other judicial authorities. The address of the headquarters of Mill Mitt is in accordance with the information contained in the Contact Us page.

5- Users are requested to send an email ( to the website if other users observe incorrect behavior.

6- All transactions made on this site must be in accordance with the Commercial Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Electronic Commerce Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

7. MilMit is obliged to ensure the accuracy of the seller’s product, but there is no guarantee for efficiency, compatibility and sales capability (other guarantees) after the launch and full delivery of the source to the buyer.

1- The money back guarantee is seven days and is calculated from the date of payment of the invoice.

Conditions :
A) All source code is checked before publication, but if the source or project purchased is incomplete or for technical reasons from the beginning has technical problems that completely eliminate its launch and is unsolvable, with The sales share deduction (20%) will be refunded to the buyer by sending a ticket within a maximum of 48 working hours.

Note 1: Technical problems do not include incompatibility with the ADT version and the buyer SDK and IDE tools because the incompatibility is related to the lack of updates and the buyer’s programming environment and is not related to the project defect and is related to the lack of updates to the user system.
Note 2: Before purchasing, the buyer must ensure that he or the programmer who is the contracting party has sufficient technical ability to receive and understand the technical support from the sellers in MilMit, as well as sufficient technical ability with the process of developing and launching programming projects. It has Android.

B) Before payment, the source and the projects that you have selected will be invoiced to you in full detail after reading their full description in the payment stage, and after your observation and approval, the payment stage will be done, so any human error by the buyer in The buyer is responsible for the purchase and the seller and the seller have no responsibility in this regard.

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