About MilMit

What is the MilMit store?

MilMit is an online store for the sale of digital products in the field of web and Android (Digital Goods) that started working in 1400. In MilMit you can buy anything you want digitally, such as Android source codes, etc. prepare

A brief explanation about MilMit

How MilMit works

MilMit has been launched by taking a pattern from an external example. The purpose of launching this market is to create a large market for Android designers and programmers, and the process of activity is such that specialists (for example, an Android programmer) prepare their product (for example, the source of a store application) for release. they do. MilMit employees, in coordination with the relevant person or company, price the products of experts and the buyers buy the products according to their needs.

The estimated price is much lower than the exclusive design mode, which is in favor of the buyer. In selling a high number, it is also in the seller’s favor, because he has offered his product once and sold it many times.

Another advantage of the mail-meet process is that the content (which is the main part of any website) is produced by the sellers and the visitors are directed to their products by these sellers. So, the content and the buyer are both directed from the product manufacturer to the mail-mate, and this means a site with an automatic cycle.

The advantage of Mill Mate

The question that arises here is why users tend to use MilMit store?

Because we have contact information and identification documents from our sellers, users prefer to get the product from us with peace of mind than to get it separately from a specialist.

We have created a great service for sellers that comes with many advantages. Including:

Due to having standard programming and complying with Google’s principles, we are always at the top of searches in our field of activity.
According to the history of each seller, he receives medals, the number and value of each seller’s medals puts him in a sensitive competition, and great sellers can shine. Our goal is to attract quality sellers.


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