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aap2 is a Build tool in Android Studio that Gridel is directly connected with. In fact, the files in your project must be packaged in order to be expressed as APK. It is called AAPT2. This command is sent by Gradle.

AAPT2 does three important things, which are:

compile to binary

Maybe you have a question why packages are converted to binary?

There are two points. First, the binary is highly optimized for the Android operating system, but if you are familiar with the binary structure, you know that each byte consists of 8 bits and creating a binary from all the resources of your software will be a long binary file. ! Here, Gridel is the decision maker of your files. Any file in text format will be converted into binary, and it is true that binary will have more characters, but it is easier to compress. The second point is that the compression of binary files is more than that of text files due to the presence of similar samples.

We will not go into this discussion much, but friends who have worked on the compression issue will understand the issue.

For more information, you can search about Compression, Restoration, Resampling.

If you want, you can communicate with aapt2 through terminal, but there is no need.

You can find a folder with this name in the android studio build tools folder.

be successful and victorious.

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