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What is ? – The problem is this

One of the remarkable features of the Dalvik virtual machine is the presence of the dex file in Android, in fact, this dex system is the beating heart behind the Android system. The Dalvik virtual machine in Android does not use the bytecode available in Java, which means that the codes are not read and executed based on the old Java system. Rather, your bytecodes are converted to dex files.


What does Dex mean in simple language?

There is a format called dex (similar to the format of files like exe, zip, etc.) when you write your code in Java or Kotlin and want to convert it to apk, gradle creates an output from your code section. And it formats it for you in terms of having a series of data structures and when your app is installed on the phone, the dex file is read by the system in the background and used.

Compiled codes are simply called Dex

Each software can have one or more dex files depending on the amount of code that is written for it. When the software compilation starts, first the code files of your program are converted to dex files, then all of them are integrated and become one. The signed apk file is converted.

Dex file format is as below.

1. File Header
2. String Table
3. Class List
4. Field Table
5. Method Table
6. Class Definition Table
7. Field List
8. Method List
9. Code Header
10. Local Variable List


Dex files can be reverse engineered using the dexdump software included in the Android SDK.

In Android, part of the libraries based on dex already exist in the operating system by default.



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