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– Rent a Mac online

Yes, you may ask what is online Mac rental. As you know, there is a service called VPS. In fact, these VPS are an online operating system that you connect to using Remote Desktop. You just need to purchase one of the VPS monthly or annually. Rent and start coding on it will cost much less than buying a mac book.


You can easily connect to this online operating system with any operating system you have and easily manage your projects with Remote Desktop. This operating system is connected to the Internet and has a very high speed. mac book pro will also be more.

2- Run Xcode using VirtualBox

You can use VirtualBox to run Mac operating system on Windows and then install Xcode on it. Using VirtualBox you can also share files between your Windows and Mac.

One of the features that can be mentioned for VirtualBox is the management of the use of the CPU core and the same frequency of the graphic memory, and it also has a good speed to run this operating system.

3- Run Xcode using VMware

The VMware emulator is similar to VirtualBox, you can easily install your second operating system on it, and finally, after installing the operating system, you must install the corresponding software or IDE (Xcode) and start programming Vmware There are two free and paid versions that you can download and install from the official VMware website.

4- Buying a Mac Mini

Maybe you haven’t heard the name of such a device before, but you can buy this very small device and it also supports equipment such as HDMI and… and finally you can easily connect it to an LCD screen.

The cost of this device will be like buying another normal laptop, about 500 dollars

5- Installing Hackintosh

Installing or setting up such a system may not be an easy task for one person, the complexity of this task will be much more difficult than the previous steps, because you have to manipulate this operating system yourself before installation, maybe you can find some operating systems related to your laptop easily on the Internet. find, but there is no operating system for every type of laptop in different models.

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